Bearbrick Series 46 Sealed 100%
Bearbrick Series 46 Sealed 100%


Bearbrick Series 46 Sealed 100%

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2.75 IN / 7 CM

The Bearbrick Series 46 Sealed Case 100% (24 Blind Boxes) features twenty-four 100% Bearbrick figures in a blind box format.

The Series 46 set includes a range of designs, each with its own creative flair, making each box an individual and exciting addition to the collection. The 100% sizing of each piece ensures great detail and quality. The figurines in this set have a variety of designs, featuring collaborations with a range of brands and artists. The figurines are approximately seven centimeters tall and have a distinctive bear-like appearance with round ears, a snout-like nose, and a simple geometric shape.